Exploding Planets
Exploding Planet No.1
Exploding Planet No.2
Exploding Planet No.3
Day Lily No.1
Day Lily No.2
Abstract No.1
Abstract No.2
OE Idea No.1
OE Idea No.2
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Totem No.1 (Study)
Totem No.2 (Study)
Totem No.3 (Study)
Totem No.4
Totem No.5
Totem No.6 (2004)
Totem No.7
Totem No.8 (2005)
Totem Portrait
untilted No.1
Nude No.1
Nude No.2
Nude No.3
Nude No.4 (Study)
Instrux Media Designer
The Jason Pyne Collections Designer
DAC International (in partnership with JUFA Intermedia) Partnership
KOTT Lumber (in partnership with JUFA Intermedia) Partnership
Canadian Aerospace Partnership Designer
The Embassy of the United States of America - Ottawa Designer
North of Sixty: U.S. Virtual Presence Posts in Canada Designer
Canadian Housing and Renewal Association (CHRA) Designer
Canadian Cable Telecommunications Association (CCTA) Designer
Girl Guides of Canada - New Brunswick Council Designer
MBNA Canada    No.1 | No.2 | No.3 | No.4 | Print Ad Designer
Student Science & Tech Design Team
Currency Museum - Count Your Pennies Design Team
Owner-Operator's Business Association of Canada (OBAC) Designer
Orange.edge v1 (2001) Designer
Orange.edge v2 (2003) Designer
Orange.edge v2.5 (2004) - Concept Designer
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Invest in Canada (old site) Splash | Home | Inside
Pixelera No.1 | No.2 | No.3
Pixelera Marketing No.1 | No.2 | No.3 | No.4
Canadian Automotive Partnership Council Splash | Home | Inside
One Tonne Challenge Splash | Home | Inside
Intelligent Transportation Systems (Offline) Splash
Senate Intranet Homepage
Template Concepts No.1 | No.2 | No.3
Government Concepts No.1 | No.2

Updates: Added a couple experiments (new website ideas) as well as a few new concepts.


Happy New Year!


Updates: Added a Conceptual Design section to display concepts I have done. Added Totem No.8 and a better photo of Totem No.6. I have also added some MBNA Canada examples and the KOTT Lumber site.


A couple of new sites added above: The Embassy of the United States of America and Canadian Aerospace Partnership websites


War Museum Update: a few of the interactives are now available for viewing. Unfortunately, they are not all on display. Hopefully soon.


Not much to update. Added the North of Sixty site above. My focus in the last four months has been on the Canadian War Museum touchscreen interactives we're doing.


New website launched! Simple and easily updateable design. Additional portfolio pieces and archives coming soon.
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